Simplifying Gamification in Apps

Gamify User Experience within minutes

A Gamification SaaS Platform

Make users stick and encourage user engagement

Gamification SaaS platform to increase user engagement

Designed with every use case in mind

Increase Retention

Create engaging and motivating game-like experiences for users with tools, and provide rewards for completing tasks or achieving goals. Use data analysis to optimize the user experience and encourage ongoing engagement.

User Acquisition

Acquire new users by creating viral mechanics, such as social sharing and referral programs, designing intuitive and accessible user interfaces, and leveraging data insights to optimize acquisition channels and user targeting strategies.

Increase Conversion

Using our customer engagement platform, you can Incorporate game elements using our tools into the user experience to drive user engagement and motivation and optimize the conversion funnel through data-driven experimentation and testing.
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Why Choose Us?

Users lie at the crux of every business. We are a SaaS platform that understands that engaging and retaining users is crucial for the success of any application or platform. That's why we focus on creating exceptional user journeys that keep your users coming back for more. Our analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into user behavior, engagement, and retention and allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your strategy and make data-driven decisions to improve it. What’s the best part? Integration is never a hassle; done and dusted within minutes.

Craft compelling customer experiences with our engagement platform

Gamification Integration

Eliminate complicated integrations and get started quickly using our APIs and SDKs.

Create campaigns

Choose the metric(s) you want to optimize and launch multiple campaigns simultaneously

Accurate Targeting

Leverage user segmentation to target the right audience.

Track KPIs

Monitor progress and make data-driven decisions with our analytics dashboard.

Gamification SaaS Platform to track key metrics


With our platform, you can increase app usage by consumers by encouraging and rewarding users to complete core activities. Incentivize users to complete tasks and engage with your app using gamification integration tools by rewarding them with points. You can also encourage them to take on new tasks and reach milestones with exciting, multi-level challenges.


Turn potential users into loyal customers by leveraging interactive and immersive elements within your app. Nudge them to take meaningful actions and convert. Provide valuable information and educate users through interactive quizzes, guiding them toward conversion. You can also collect user feedback and engage them with relevant content through targeted polls.


Expand your user base and reach new audiences by harnessing the power of referrals and social sharing. Incentivize users to share your app with others by offering exclusive rewards and bonuses, turning them into brand ambassadors, and fueling acquisition.


More data means more insights. Track events and campaign performance in real-time and A/B test to see which campaign works the best for you.  Map conversions and segment users based on user behavior. Seamlessly integrate with other tools like Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.


Save time, avoid delays. Eliminate complicated integrations with lightweight APIs. Not only this, we offer plug & play SDKs for multiple frameworks. You will also be able to get real-time information using webhooks.
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Deliver engaging interactions that connect and inspire your audience

Designed with every use case in mind

Create campaigns

Determine the essential performance indicators you aim to boost and launch multiple campaigns simultaneously.

Select a trigger

Pinpoint the perfect entry point to set your campaign in motion. Explore a diverse range of events, launchers, and banners to create an impactful and engaging experience for your audience.

Select a game

Choose from a list of games, that you would like your users to play. Edit the rules and design of the game right inside the dashboard without writing any code.

Target precisely

Leverage user segmentation with our e-commerce retention platform to target the right audience. Import CSVs or import cohorts from your favorite analytics tools using custom webhooks.

Track performance using our tool

Effortlessly monitor your campaign's progress and make well-informed, data-driven decisions using our analytics dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We won’t leave you wondering; all your questions - answered below.
What is gamification in apps?
Gamification in apps refers to the process of incorporating game elements and mechanics into non-game applications or systems to enhance user engagement, motivation, and participation.
Why is gamification important in apps?
The purpose of gamification is to increase user engagement, promote desired behaviors, and create a more immersive and interactive experience. By introducing game-like features, apps can make routine or mundane tasks more interesting and enjoyable, encouraging users to spend more time using the app and achieving their goals.
How do you implement gamification in apps?
Gamification has been widely applied in various domains, including education, fitness, productivity, finance, and social media. For example, educational apps may use gamification to motivate students to complete assignments and earn points or badges for their achievements. Fitness apps can incorporate challenges and leaderboards to encourage users to exercise regularly and compete with friends. Productivity apps may use rewards and progress tracking to incentivize users to stay organized and complete tasks.
What is Nudge's gamification platform?
Nudge is a best low-code gamification integration platform for consumer companies to incorporate engaging, game-like features into their apps within minutes.
How do I get started with this platform?
You can set up and launch a campaign within minutes. Our dashboard makes it easy to add and configure game-like features and launch within your app. Here's how it works.
How does Nudge's it differ from other gamification tools on the market?
Nudge focuses on creating exceptional user journeys that keep your users coming back for more. Our analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into user behavior, engagement, and retention and allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your gamification strategy and make data-driven decisions to improve it. What’s the best part? Integration is never a hassle; done and dusted within minutes.
Can Nudge's platform for gamification be integrated with other apps and platforms?
Yes, Nudge can be seamlessly integrated with apps like Mixpanel, Amplitude etc.
What types of businesses can benefit from using this platform?
Whether you're a small e-commerce store or a large enterprise, our product can help you increase retention, and engagement, and reduce churn. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and industries.
Does Nudge's gamification software include analytics and reporting features?
Yes, Nudge’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into user behavior, engagement, and retention and allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your gamification strategy and make data-driven decisions to improve it.
How easy is it to set up and use Nudge's gamification saas platform?
The time needed to integrate our product depends on the platform you’re using. Nudge provides APIs & SDKs for integration with mobile apps and websites. You can schedule a demo call with us where we’ll guide you through the integration process.

Give your users that last nudge.

No technical knowledge needed to use our SaaS platform

Our user-friendly dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even if you're not a technical expert With its intuitive interface, businesses can quickly set up and customize gamified elements without requiring extensive technical knowledge. The platform provides a low-code environment, allowing users to design and implement strategies with minimal coding requirements.Plus, our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, so you can start gamifying your user experience without disruptions. Integration capabilities are a key strength of a gamification platform. It’s a simple plug-and-play process to smoothen the process of gamifying user journeys and experiences to increase engagement, conversion, and retention.
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Set up within minutes- The best gamification tool

With our intuitive platform, you can set up a campaign in just a matter of minutes. Our user-friendly dashboard makes it easy to customize campaigns to meet your specific needs and goals, so you can start gamifying your user experience immediately. The set-up time is close to nothing and you can be up and running to start gamifying your user experience using our platform. By eliminating the need for extensive technical expertise, it empowers businesses to take full control of their gamification initiatives. It allows non-technical users, such as marketing or HR professionals, to design, deploy, and manage gamified experiences tailored to their specific goals and target audience. This flexibility promotes creativity and agility in implementing strategies while reducing the reliance on technical resources or external developers.

Offer various rewards- Gamification in apps

Using our gamification software, you can offer a wide range of rewards to your customers, including discounts, free products, and exclusive offers. By implementing a well-designed reward system, companies can incentivize desired behaviors, such as completing tasks, reaching milestones, or referring others. Our dashboard makes it easy to choose rewards tailored to your business needs and goals. The rewards can be anything from a free product, to a discount. You can also create a referral program to reward customers for sharing your products. Such systems tap into the innate human desire for achievement and recognition, motivating users to stay actively engaged with the platform, fostering loyalty, and ultimately improving business metrics like retention, user activity, and overall customer satisfaction. This proves as immensely helpful for companies to boost their business metrics and indulge their users in a way that drives them to be more productive and engaged.
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Increase Engagement in Businesses and Industries with a Versatile Gamification Platform

Our platform is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries. Whether you're a small e-commerce store or a large enterprise, the integration is seamless and can help you increase engagement, drive sales, and build brand awareness. Our platform can help you convert visitors into loyal customers and isn’t just limited to being used for a particular industry. Whether it's e-learning, employee training, fitness, marketing, customer engagement, or any other domain, can enhance user experiences and drive desired behaviors. For instance, in education, gamified elements can make learning interactive and engaging. In the workplace, it can motivate employees, increase productivity, and improve training outcomes. In marketing,  it can drive customer engagement and foster brand loyalty. The flexibility of a platform for gamification allows businesses across industries to tailor the experience to their specific goals, making it a valuable tool for diverse applications and catering to the needs of a wide range of users.
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